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The marriage of Jonathan and Angela in 2005 not only launched the start of a lifelong journey together, but it also saw the calling of youth-evangelism and pro-life activism collide into a passionate, lifelong mission to share Jesus and seek Justice. Since then, their outreach continues to grow and produce fruit in their local church, youth group, and music ministry.

Now like a stone in a slingshot, their mission is going global! A national and international project Jon and Angie are a part of is an outreach band called Transform DJs. (See their website and schedule here: http://www.transformdjs.com) Doors are opening worldwide to reach thousands of young people through this music ministry. Transform DJs uses electronic dance music to share the gospel, to defend pre-born people, and to lead people into worship.

Jonathan and Angela have three kids: Judah, Asher and Anakela. Their full-time mission projects include serving with their local church (Trinity Christian Fellowship), leading the Pulse youth group, and changing the world with Transform DJs through evangelism, missions and justice ministries.



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GNI_MailchimpHeaderWho are these guys?

Good News International is the support and connection hub for Jon and Angie Burgess’ local and global missions! Our call is to help the lost find Jesus and the least find Justice! // www.goodnewsintl.com

Currently, our two main projects are:

  1. Locally
    1. The Pulse Youth Ministry – The Pulse, a youth outreach of Trinity Christian Fellowship, exists to see the youth of the North Area of Denver have a massive spiritual awakening, turning their hearts to Christ, living like Christ and making disciples.  Their mission is to relevantly share Christ with and disciple every teenager in the North Area of Denver. // www.trinitytcf.com/thepulse
    2. Speaking, evangelism outreach and activism
  2. Globally
    1. Transform DJs – Transform Djs is a band that travels worldwide using electronic dance music and/or engaging, evangelistic talks to 1. Share the Gospel of Jesus’ saving grace, 2. Defend life/abolish abortion, 3. Lead God’s people into worship // www.transformdjs.com
    2. Speaking and evangelism outreach