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Ascend Master’s Commission is an intense, nine month discipleship program. Master’s Commission was founded in 1984 in Phoenix, Arizona and has grown into a worldwide movement changing the lives of thousands. With a balance between discipleship and evangelism the program provides a functional, hands on environment where the individual can experience the power of God on a daily basis.

For those who are serious about discovering God’s will for their life, there is simply no substitute for this life changing experience. With the call to “know God and to make Him known”, Master’s Commission is more than a program, it’s a lifestyle. Master’s Commission students are not tomorrow’s leaders; they are today’s world changers.

If you know someone who may be interested in our program or if you would like more information about Ascend, please visit us online.


Ascend Masters Commission Address

C/O Thrive Church

Jake Ishmael

2820 W. 92nd Ave.

Federal Heights, Colorado 80260